the file was blocked because it does not have a valid digital signature, how do i unblock this?

There are 2 methods to resolve this:

Method 1:

To run a particular application that doesn’t have a valid Digital signature follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Right click on the file or program that you are not able to access.

2. Go to properties and click “Unblock”.

3. Try to run the application again.

Method 2:

Follow the steps mentioned below to unblock the files that do not have a valid digital signature to load on your system.

1. Click on start button.

2. Type “Internet Explorer” in the “Start Search Box” and select it from the menu.

3. Click on “Tools” in the menu bar and select “Internet Options”.

4. Click on “Advanced tab” and locate “Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid” under the “Security” category and check the box.

5. Click Apply and then Ok.

6. Close the Internet Explorer and restart Internet Explorer.

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